XXL Magazine List K. Crump As #1 BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast) Freestyle

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Today is a good day!! This marks the date that STA’s, Detroit’s, and Tuskegee’s own K. Crump is acknowledged in the world renown XXL magazine for having  the  #1 Freestyle over the Rick Ross BMF beat. K. Crump beat out established rappers such as Lupe Fiasco, Bun B, Yo Gotti, Papoose, French Montana, DJ Khaled, and even Young Jeezy. This shows that K. crump has the lyrics that can stand up against the best. Crump is here to stay and is what the rap game has been missing.

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3 Responses to “XXL Magazine List K. Crump As #1 BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast) Freestyle”

  1. Thats DOPE as FUGG!!

  2. Dolina Duzant Says:

    Congradulations on a job well done, and who says hard work does not pay off. as you continue to grind and do what you do walk with GOD and all you can do is soar. Lova ya all Mommy

  3. Our brand might be Liz plus I’ve a formula. When i understand your website essentially daily, nevertheless you you’ll notknow that may. That’s in this I actually pretty much never leave an important comment.

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